Plastic Mold Decapsulation System
Summary / Feature

PS105 is a Plastic Mold Decapsulation System with Precision Acid Auto-Mixing Function. This produces low or no sample damage, low cost and high quality decap.

Cuwire IC
The Temperature control Function and Improvement in the way the acid flow will produce low or no sample damage. The decap time will be shorten than the current type.
Acid Auto-Mixing Function
Accurate and Precision Mixed acid is automatically made in a system.
Reducing the acid amount Drastically !!!
With the improvement on the method in applying the etchants, PS105 succeeded in reducing the chemical amount by half. It does not need to change the chemical and can be reused to repeat the decapping for several small sample.
New Pump Design
More robust and reliable design by separating chemical and pump. This will extend the life of pump.
Rinsing Function
Maintaining a clean internal condition by automatic rinsing function with fresh acid after decap process.