• IC Decapsulation System
  • Plastic Mold Decapsulation System
  • PS105
  • Laser Decapsulation System
  • PL201-20/PL221
  • Plasma Decapsulation
  • MP101
  • Mechanical Decapsulation
  • BA102
Automatic I/O Testing System with High speed
Outline / Feature
  • Todays high pin count devices make it increasingly difficult for OPEN/SHORT testing. FB102-0 offers an ideal HIGH SPEED solution with EASY OPERATION.
  • High speed OPEN/SHORT testing in 3msec/pin
  • Upgrade from 256 to 4096 pin, in 128 pin steps
  • Pass/Fail judgement by comparing curves of passed and failed devices on the same screen
  • Accurate testing by a choice of each Current range for Source and Sink, even with a single diode
  • Powered Curve Tracer function
  • Leak test function for input pin
  • Data stored in CSV format