• IC Decapsulation System
  • Plastic Mold Decapsulation System
  • PS105
  • Laser Decapsulation System
  • PL201-20/PL221
  • Plasma Decapsulation
  • MP101
  • Mechanical Decapsulation
  • BA102
Dry Etching for Failure Analysis
  • Reactive Ion Etching System ES403 can etch wafers of up to 8-inch.
  • ES403 can etch perform isotropic and highly selective anisotropic etching with high aspect ratio.
  • Stable etch rate and excellent uniformity.
  • User-friendly interface.
Etching Result
Evaluation of Etch Uniformity

Wafer Size: 8inches
A number of Measuring Points: 49

[Etched Thickness] i = [Film thickness before Etching] i - [Film thickness after Etching] i
[Etching Variation] i =([Etched Thickness] i - [Etched Thickness Average]) / [Etched Thickness Average]
Polyimide Etching
Process Gas: O2
Si O2 and SiN Etching
Process Gas: CF4 and O2