Plastic Mold Decapsulation System
Outline / Feature
Setting Temperature range for Acid: Room Temp.~250°C
Usable Acid: Fuming Nitric/ Sulfuric/ Fuming Sulfuric and Mixed Acid
Etchant is blown up by N2 gas to etch IC mold compound
By this new structure and method, any size of sample can etch with satisfactory result.And Acid consumption will be very much reduced by this way.Depending on the sample and resin type, as per our sample evaluation,Acid volume consumption is about 1/3 or 1/2 as compared with the other models.For Cu wire IC, Lower temperature acid is necessary to avoid the damage as possible. And we believe PS103S will be highly effective for such case.
User Friendly Procedure
Setting is by Decapsulation Time and Cancellation is easily available during the operation.As Acid-Feed and Acid -Discharge operation becomes very simple, and it makes whole Decapsulation operation time much shorter.
Decapped Samples