Laser IC Opener
The Laser IC Opener has released PL121i. These models are able to decap Cu wire IC and also perform decapsulation on ultra small packages in constant pursue for improvement in usability. It is possible to upgrade from the current standard type to the new "i" type.
Laser IC Opener
As preparation for Chemical and Dry Decapsulation
These days, the resin of plastic package is changing to be practically insoluble in strong acid and the bonding wire and the package substrate is changing to be easily soluble in strong acid. And everyone wants to avoid using strong acid for the environmental reason. If Laser hits the Die directly, it will receive damage, so Laser must stop with resin remaining at about 100um height. This method can decrease the acid volume and acid exposing time. The end result, minimum or no sample damage can be achieved.
This method is effective for Cu wire decap, for Ag wire decap, and for resin which are practically insoluble in acid.
For Secondary-Bond (Stitch) Decapsulation
The package substrate like BGA is protected by the solder resist. This resist is easily damaged by acid, so Laser opener is ideal to observe Secondary-Bond (Stitch). Laser Opener can decap Secondary resist area without using Acid.
Pre-decapsulation for the Backside observation
This requires the exposure of the backside Die surface when we must do the failure analysis using a backside emission or a backside IR-OBIRCH. It can be used to remove the Backside Die frame within a short time
Selectable Process Pattern
Combination of High Power and Low Power process and Cross-sectioning Process can be selected for various kinds of purposes. Laser Power 10W type (PL101_10i, PL121i) can cut the IC package substrates, the IC package covered by ceramic or the IC package covered by metal lid, and BGA package in short time.
For Bigger Sample IC (PL101_10i, PL121i)
This model type is effective for Power Module and IGBT used on Hybrid Car, Electric Car, Photovoltaic Generation and so on.
I series
Laser IC Opener i series are able to decap Cu wire IC and also perform decapsulation on ultra small packages in constant pursue for improvement in usability. This system can decap a 0.5mm size package.
Advanced High-Zoom Function
Highly accurate area setting with 2x, 3x of 2 step zoom in and 1/2, 1/3 of 2 step zoom out by digital zoom. Highly precision and accurate processing for package smaller than 1x1mm.
High Clarity Image
High resolution Camera (5Mega-pixel) with 25mm lens (35mm lens is optional). Lighting in the chamber has been newly enhanced for greater capability in capturing critical details more clearly.
Automated Hight Measurement Function
It can measure the decapping thickness by a dedicated measuring laser. Concurrently, stage advances up and down as it process while keeping constant focal length, unavailable in conventional system. An auto stop function can stop at any desired height where value of decapping height can be input in advance. This can prevent damage to the die with high accuracy.
Absorption Nozzle
Additional absorption nozzle near the stage will suck the dust during decapping. Absorption becomes highly effectively in keeping the cleanliness of IC and system.