Sophisticated IC Backside Preparation System
Outline / Feature
  • System has Sophisticated Features for Milling, Grinding and Polishing to make IC Backside Analysis smoothly.
    Milling by End-mill to remove resin, accurate Grinding by Diamond-bit and finally get Flat & Mirror surface by Polishing for IC Backside with less than 50μm of sample thickness.
  • Automatic detection for Sample and Edge of tool with 1μm accuracy to make sample less than 50μm thickness.
  • Automatic measuring for height distribution on the sample surface. Leaning surface is also available by this function and can be processed along its leaning.
  • Grinding with the grinding-fluid. It makes high-speed processing without heating up the sample.
  • It takes only 1-hour approx. for over all processing on sample.
  • Operation Chuck can be exchanged with just a single touch!